Still kicking…

Just making a quick blog assessment here. Down and dirty, because for some reason, my spirit feels light…and I can see out, toward the world, beyond my own nose.

I see that my posts are awfully long. And surely too heavy, wordy and dramatic. I’ll work on that.

I have a few wonderful followers, though I’d be surprised if anyone has read all my rants. No offense taken. I flit around WordPress like a distracted bee, barely capable of remembering where I found good nectar. I’m surprised, and thankful, that anyone visits.

If you happen to be one of the few, who had a lot of time on your hands, or wandered down the wormhole of my blog one sleepless night, you would know that in one post I referenced a lewd act that involved Mickey Mouse’s “extremity”.

How blasphemous! I’m surprised Disney hasn’t written a cease and desist. But I actually thought it was kind of brazen and funny. Maybe even worth a reader’s dig.

At least, in this moment of clarity, it tells me that I am still kicking.

2 thoughts on “Still kicking…

  1. I love your blog and am a regular here! Your posts aren’t too long at all; clearly you do not spend much time on my blog!!! LMAO. I even wrote a post once advising readers to bring food, water, possibly a tent and sleeping-bag before commencing to read. Don’t worry about it though; I don’t expect you to wade through my novellas-for-posts. I get that you’re going through all kinds of stuff. Now I have to go and find that mickey mouse thing … you should have made a link to it from here! LOL. 🙂

  2. i know about mickey. and i laughed really hard, even though i still felt somber about parts of it. as long as you’re taking account of where you are with your blog, know this: your blog is very important to me. there are a few women writing about multiple deaths within a short period of time and i eat up all the posts because i desperately need a community i can use on my terms, when i feel like it, when i’m ready. and that’s what i have accidentally stumbled upon this year… this shitty, shitty year. i cherish your words. don’t change them or edit them for the sake of “readability.” your posts are a great length, tone, range of emotion, variety. for me, fantastic. i appreciate you very much. keep writing. 🙂

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